Drainage of flat roofs, balconies and terraces Terrace outlets TOPWET

  • DN 50-125 vertical and horizontal version
  • Increased drainage capacity
  • PA 6 polyamide construction
  • Integrated sleeve of hydro-insulation strip or foil
  • Low construction height
  • Special low protective basket is part of every outlet, with possibility of adjustment to a flat basket
  • Heated version ensures reliable draining even in winter season


  • Wide accessory assortment for operating roofs
  • Solution for all types of composition
  • It is necessary to use a stainless steel protective basket at terraces with an aggravating shingle layer
  • Option to use stink traps inserted in the outlet

How the attachments can be universal for different DN 50, 70, 100 and 125 diameters of terrace outlets?

Terrace outlets have a flare or an integrated flange of the outlet of the same design and diameter. Design of outlets differs according to the product only under the flare. It is for the reason of universality of all accessories.

What type of attachment shall I use if I have trowelled hydro-insulation that is in a level of the outlet flare?

For this type of hydro-insulation, TW TER is determined, which may be mounted according to the height of screed and pavement.

TOPWET terrace outlets with integrated bitumen sleeve

TOPWET terrace outlets with integrated PVC sleeve

TOPWET terrace outlets with integrated custom-made sleeve