Edge divider – plastic-coated metal sheet

Edge dividers for roofs with a load increasing layer of gravel and the completion of the pavement profile for roofs and terraces with the main PVC waterproof layer. Material: plastic-coated metal sheet with the total thickness of 1.6 mm, length of the moulding of 2000 mm. The stiffness of the moulding is secured by bending of 10 mm at ends of both arms. Supplied with connecting piece for easy connection of another moulding. The delivery time of the custom made moulding is depending on the ordered quantity. At the moulding there are high frequency welded 3-5 pieces of blanket of foil mPVC 80×130 mm for easy mounting. A different color execution is available for a surcharge of +20 %.

TW KL 40 40/65/2000 mm Drawing documentation
TW KL 50 50/65/2000 mm Drawing documentation
TW KL 65 65/65/2000 mm Drawing documentation
TW KL 90 90/65/2000 mm Drawing documentation

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